About company

Avecus was founded In October 2008 by Ewa Kasprzyk as a one-person company. This was a natural continuation of Ewa Kasprzyk close to 18 years professional activity.

Avecus company specializes in the sale of food additives. Ewa Kasprzyk experience as a fundament of Avecus comes from such companies like Givaudan, Quest, IMCD, Sensient where she worked learning technology of different food additives as well as business procedures at the highest level. Work experience of Ewa Kasprzyk gained in few companies producing various food additives is now reflected in wide business experience and contacts in the food industry which is fruitfully used in daily Avecus activity.

Ewa Kasprzyk besides her technological education (MSc in Food Technology) and business education MBA at LeonKozminski Academy in Warsaw, is since many years a board member of National Food Industry Chamber KIG-PS

Company milestones

2008 October – foundation of Avecus company

2009 March – Avecus signs an agency agreement with Gemef Industries (French producer of extruded crisps)

2010 June – Avecus signs an agreement on representation of Molda AG (German producer fo freeze-dried fruits and bakery additives)

2011 August – Avecus signs an agency agreement with Metarom (French producer of flavours and caramel)

2013 June – Avecus signs an agency contract with Protein, Spanish producer of collagen

2013 August – Avecus signs an agency agreement with Fruisec, French producer of caramelized nuts (all types except for peanuts) and other decorative additives

2014 February – Avecus changes the form of representing Molda AG on the Polish market and signs a new distribution contract

2015 November – Avecus ends cooperation with MOLDA, where significant changes in ownership took place

2016 March - change of the cooperation with Metarom, Avecus exclusive distributor in Poland

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