Gemef Industries

French manufacturer of extruded cereal crisps with different parameters:

Types of crisps:

Application: in the production of confectionery fillings, as the topping, additions to chocolate bars, wafers, decorations on the surface of the product, to the ice cream, as a coating, a variety of cereals, granola bars to, etc


French manufacturer of flavors and caramel

Application: sweet and culinary applications, sauces and toppings for ice cream, fillings, caramels for decoration, additives for chocolate.

Low calorie caramel "Cara'light", New! - approx. 30% less calories than standard caramel filling

Application: dietetic bars, biscuits, chocolates, topping for ice cream.

Chocolate concept "Choco'box", New! - chocolate ideas with various fillings and flavours:

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